Mariana Angelova


+359 888 96 76 13


Curriculum vitae:

She was born on 01.02.1974 in Plovdiv.

She graduated from Music, Dance and Art Academy in Plovdiv in Daniela Djeneva’s class, subject Choreography and Staging of Folk Dances.

She defended master degree in the Music, Dance and Art Academy in Plovdiv in associate professor and doctor Busheva’s class, subject Art Management.

She has been occupied with modern dances for twelve years.

She started in Zlatka Slavtcheva’s group at “Vazstannik” Community Centre. After that she joined “Rhythm” Dance Studio with Toshko Kostov and Eli Kostova. After the disintegration of “Rhythm” she was tutor and soloist in their group called “Free Dance”

She has danced in countless show programs, stage and TV performances in Bulgaria and abroad. Some of them are – “Kapishte” – musicals of Free Dance, “God is Innocent” of Plovdiv Drama Theatre, “11 V Strike Back” and “Karmina Burana” of Plovdiv Opera and Philharmonic Orchestra, “Daily Round”, “Zoo” and “Where is the Love” of Plovdiv Private Music Theatre. She danced and made choreographies at musical and show programs in Shen Djen in Shanghai, China.

She did choreographies for vocal performers for different appearances – TV programs and video clips. She was choreographer of dances in coproduction of the film “The Last Balkan Ruler” at Teodosii Spasov’s music. She was part-time jazz-ballet teacher in Music, Dance and Art Academy in Plovdiv.

She established school for modern dances by the name of “Wild Cats” in 1996 where she trains up children and teenagers. The group changes its name twice since then – “Dancing Girls” and “Dance mania”. Now it is officially registered Culture Ministry as “Dance Mania” Artistic Formation.