Petar Stoyanov – Pepe

Petar Stoyanov – actor

Curriculum Vitae:


He started acting in a school theatre formation called “Impulse” with teacher and director Maria Eneva. He has been working as an actor in Professional Drama Theatre in Razgrad for a season. In 2004 he settled in Plovdiv. There he has been studying in Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski”, subject – Acting for Drama Theatre for two years. After that he studied and worked in “Hand Theatre” with director Ivo Ignatov – Kenny, where he got knowledge in clowning, puppet theatre, stand – up comedy and improvisation. He has been performing as a street clown since 2005.

Now he works in “Hand Theatre” as a scriptwriter, actor, puppeteer, clown and stand – up comedian.

He performed as august clown in a number of countries – Bulgaria, Greece, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Austria and Lithuania.

He took part in the following international street festivals:

-          Busker Bus – Poland, 2008/2009;

-          Bydgoschz Street Festival – Poland, 2008/2009;

-          Basker Fest Skopje – Macedonia, 2008;

-          Budva Summer Festival – Budva, Montenegro, 2008.


-          “Dear Elena Sergeevna”, producer M. Eneva;

-          “Love?!”, producer M. Eneva;

-          “January”, Drama Theatre Razgrad, producer A. Ilindenov;

-          “Duel”, Drama Theatre Razgrad, producer A. Ilindenov;

-          “Chimmy”, Drama Theatre Razgrad, producer S.Sabev;

-          “Laughter in the Hall”- Stand -up Comedy TV Show;

-          “Armageddon” – Stand – up Comedy Live Show;

-          “The Witch in the Closet”, Hand Theatre, producer I. Ignatov – Kenny.