Mariya Dimitrova


Curriculum vitae:


She was born on 02.08.1984 in Plovdiv.

She studies Bulgarian Philology and specializes in Tourism in Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski”

Before that she devoted eight years of her life to Bulgarian folk music and more particularly to rebeck.

Dances are the other passion of Mariya. She started dancing modern ballet in “Wild Cats” ballet with teacher Maiana Angelova. After that she joined the team of Nikolai Serafimov. Now she learns from Krasimira Usherova.

Before she became a part of Hand Theatre she participated in the following performances:

In Music Theatre Plovdiv: “Zoo”, “Daily Round”, “Where is the Love”, “Wolf and Seven Goats”, “Sex Pill”.

In Tara-Tara Theatre: “Misunderstood Civilization” and “There is Something Wrong in Our Country”.

In “Nostradamus”, “Aida”, “Karmina Burana” – German-Bulgarian productions.